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Episode 76: Appalachian Witchcraft with Kasey Carroll

this is an incredible episode with real-life witch and (fellow) proud Appalachian Kasey Carroll!! we have an awesome discussion on the intricacies and intersectionality of Appalachian culture, the way witchcraft has been passed down through the generations, and the magic of our hills.

Kasey and I talk about "mountain juju" (aka magic, not my aunt) and the deep rooted need of our ancestors to make something out of nothing and make the best of what they had- which is where we get a lot of the traditions that we can identify now as the vestiges of magic, being passed down through generations.

y'all this episode is just good. some other key topics to pique your interest: fall festivals, non-Eurocentric traditions, intersectionality of poverty and race, fighting stereotypes and Granny Magic.

Kasey is a business owner, a lifetime Eastern Kentuckian, and a tiktok babe. We love the multi-facets. Give this episode a listen to educate yourself on EKY, and to get yourself in a silly spooky mood. ;)

PS I call my in-laws "asshole Ohioans" and I want everyone to know I do it with love lol

resources Kasey suggested:

Silas House as an author- any of his books. which I absolutely agree with lol

Backwoods Witchcraft by Jake Richards

follow Kasey:

PERSONAL TIKTOK @deviantdahlia

BIZ FACEBOOK BloodMoon Goddesses

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