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#96: Perspectives on Adoption, Culture and Bio Families with Confessions of a Chinese Adoptee

Updated: May 15, 2022

This episode, we got to have an awesome convo with Kristen from the podcast/insta Confessions of a Chinese Adoptee- and ask her some incredible questions, sent in from y'all. She tells us about her experiences as an adopted child from China, knowing that she was given up likely because of the One Child Policy; her proximity to her heritage, living in a white family and predominately white community, and how that has affected her identity. We also touch on racism and bullying, and the INCREDIBLE importance of representation in media. Kristen also shares hopes for future transracial adoptees and her complicated opinion on international adoption. This is such an interesting and insightful episode; I'm so glad to share this with everyone. Kristen's is such an important story and was so kind to take on "narrative burden" for one more explanation ;) OH and we finish up with some thoughts on Roe v Wade!!!

Kristen also wanted me to suggest to you guys- and I think I might write a longer blog about this next week- a better way to ask where someone is "from": "Where did you grow up?" or "where do you live?" are much better, much less loaded ways of asking where someone is "from", without making someone feel like they need to explain their life story for you (narrative burden).

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