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episode 138: chiropractic and holistic health

On this week's episode of I've Been Thinking, Alanna dives in to the importance of holistic health in today's world and how chiropractic can play in to that with practicing chiropractor Dr Letitia Smith- aka Dr Tish! Chiropractic is ultimately quite an ancient practice, something we don't dive into in this episode, but it is also very controversial- especially with gimmicky social media doctors and the study's history of associations with more "woowoo" ideas. Dr Tish tells us about her chiropractic philosophy, as well as the importance of considering many different factors in one's overall health. If you're a die hard chiropractic lover like Alanna, you may already know about some of the ideas we talk about in this ep, but it's still good- and if you're a skeptic (like Adam or Producer Tyler, for example) we just ask that you come into this episode with an open mind, because if nothing else it's an interesting perspective. And isn't that what I've Been Thinking is all about?

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