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ep 130: Mabon Blessings Mini

Hey, Thinkers! Alanna is unfortunately under the weather this week, so with significant help from Producer Tyler we found this Patreon episode in the archives- and it turns out, it might be JUST what the doctor ordered. We know Alanna is a little woo-woo, and this is episode from Fall 2021 (!!!) is discussing the pagan holiday of Mabon and how it can be incorporated into anyone's life- from someone trying to celebrate as a budding pagan, to a Christian looking to understand their Celtic/Britton ancestors, anyone can benefit from the ideals encompassed by this sacred autumnal day of Thanksgiving. And as we move into that very transitional time of year, we want to let each of you know: we are thankful for you. Happy Mabon!

Alanna will be back next time, don't worry. ;)


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