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Episode 71: INTERVIEW WITH AN AUTHOR- YA Author Kaitlyn Hill

I called this one "interview with an author" because it makes me giggle. Like Interview with a Vampire? Get it?

ANYWAY, this month is getting a lil mix up; instead of featuring a book I decided to invite Kaitlyn on to tell you all about her journey to becoming an author, the specifics of the publishing industry, and the work that goes into finding the courage to call yourself an author. Kaitlyn talks about the serendipity and "luck" she experienced, as well as recognizing the privilege she holds in being able to be a *full time* writer so early in her career. Further, we discuss the insecurity of being a creator, and how hard it is to overcome that. Kaitlyn talks to us about the risks, the minutiae, the humility and the confidence that's required to become a professional in the writing industry- and how important it is to fight to follow your passions.

This was a really interesting, informational episode and I hope y'all enjoy- if you've ever had a question about writing books or publishing your own writing, hopefully this answers it. :)

The site Kaitlyn mentions:

P.S. Kaitlyn's book is available for preorder at:

Follow Kaitlyn: @thekaitlynhill

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