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episode 70: current events round up

representatives took an unapproved trip to Afghanistan to "observe"

Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo., who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He told MSNBC that he was "shocked" to hear about the trip. "I actually think this is a pretty irresponsible thing for these two members to do," Crow said. "The bottom line is we are just trying to secure our troops and soldiers, we're trying to get as many people out as possible and the only thing that I thought about when I heard this is how many Afghan women and children were not able to be evacuated yesterday because they had to pull Marines off the line or out of rest to provide security for VIPs?”

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y., voiced frustration with the pair. "To me, to go now, is not to help, it’s selfishness," Meeks said. "To try and get, you know, some attention for yourself, and it doesn't help the people that we want to be helpful right now."

What are you idiots gonna do, observing? Stupid. all you've done is take away resources for people who needed them.

animal rescue in Kabul is fundraising to get animals and staff/families OUT:

An animal rescue in Kabul is fundraising to try to get 200 dogs and cats, the staff and their families out of the country by August 31, which is the deadline for foreign troops pulling out. They say that they don’t know what it will look like after that, but they don’t seem to have high hopes for the possibility of leaving the country.

donate here:

only fans isn't banning sexually explicit content yet

It had made this announcement in answer to a handful of banks and credit card companies saying that they would no longer be allowing transactions associated with porn sites and services. This is all in an effort to crack down on sex trafficking, which is great. But i will say i was shocked that OnlyFans would so quickly cut out the biggest part of its business and its current claim to fame. Like, that’s not what it was created for and i get that; they formed the company with the hopes of it being a patreon type situation. But it obviously has been utilized otherwise. ANYWAY, they announced that the brand stands for “inclusion” and have”secured assurances” that there will not be any “discrimination” against any form of creator. Which, hey. Cool. sounds good to me. I’m really not in the mood to get into the ethics of sex work and porn, but i’ll say this- if you’re a CONSENTING ADULT and you got it, why not make money off of it.

the grown up version of the nirvana baby is suing

The Lawsuit says that Spencer’s parents also never signed a release authorizing the use of the image, and Spencer himself never received any compensation. Which absolutely that is super shitty, especially since that photo is literally iconic AND is still used on stuff today. Any model would have been compensated or would have signed over their rights, so why not this?

lesbian Italian sharks had a baby

No but on a serious note, this is pretty cool just because there were previous believed to only be three breeds of shark that are capable of reproducing asexually- and if this baby’s DNA comes back as being a direct copy of its mother’s, then this breed of shark will be the fourth. I just think its wild that some creatures can do that. Plus, i feel like that’s important because it probably means that this is not a species we have to worry too much about going extinct? Idk.

giant sea snakes are trying to mate with scuba divers

A professor in Sydney and his co-authors found in their research that snakes were more likely to approach divers during their mating season, and they were mostly male. Some of these snakes made repeated advances towards the same humans, and also did things like coil around a limb, which is a courtship behavior. So wild.

GIANT GOLDFISH are taking over lakes in Minnesota. Wtf.

This like… isn’t a new problem there? Which is perhaps stranger lol but people go to the neighborhood pond or the nearby lake, dump their pet goldfish they no longer want, and then it grows to be massive and disrupts the local ecosystem. AND they multiply of course, so there was one Minnesota lake that in the last few years had FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND goldfish trucked out of it. THAT’S INSANE.

the climate- and what IS actually being done well :

Desertification and the expansion of the Sahara is being combatted in Africa, with an international cooperative effort to plant trees. The Great Green Wall, they call it- and the International Olympic Committee is beginning an initiative to plant trees called the Olympic Forest, and based on what I’ve found they’re going to be contributing to the Great Green Wall. This is good for a lot of reasons. Coral reefs have been doing BETTER since the panny in a handful of places, because initiatives have been taken to care for and restore coral since there are significantly fewer tourists trying to look at it. And a ton of LOCAL groups have realized the importance of coral to their ecosystems, so like a group in Indonesia has been able to regrow their destroyed coral reef from 5% to 55% coral cover in just 18 months- using resources that are locally produced, too. Global heating is bad bad bad, but, we have incredible scientists and designers working to create a mostly automated submarine that will freeze ocean water. Like, this will add ice back to the melting arctic, but will also help cool ocean temperatures. That’s incredible and this is highly feasible technology that could drastically improve our climate situation.

More stories that didn't make the episode:

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