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Episode 39: What we've learned in 2 years- Relationship Wisdom with Adam

In celebration of our two year anniversary, Adam and I sat down together and discussed our relationship for you guys, using listener submitted questions/topics to spur our conversation. This is a long episode, but listen to me RIGHT NOW- it is so worth it, I swear. I love this episode. We had so much fun, and Adam actually says some really sweet things about me. ;)

We hope this episode provides some insight into what we've learned over the past two years of our relationship- and we hope it helps you be in a better relationship with your person. Learn from our mistakes. We are far from perfect (especially if you know us) but we are insightful, and we have some pretty good observations in here.

There is no grossness in this, ok? Like, nothing sexy so don't worry if you don't want to listen to that lol.

Some of the takeaways:

Sow your wild oats.

Don't ever settle.

Be with someone who makes you laugh (not stated, but implied).

Don't ever stop courting your partner.

Know who you're dating before you move in together.

Don't trust anybody ever. LOL

People in the North sound meaner.

We hope you love this episode- it is so good.

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