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Episode #37: Pursuing Passion with Chris from Passion Pod

I really want y’all to kick off your new year with positive vibes, stories of people following their passion, learning about ourselves- all that stuff, because I think that 2020 has truly been a year of awakening for a lot of us, where we have been forced to pivot and rethink and all this really hard but awesome growth has been forced and I want to see us just SPROUT and blossom in 2021.

So, every episode Chris does is a conversation with a guest pursuing a career based on following their passions. I partnered with him to do this episode because I thought he could REALLY provide you with some incredible insights into the importance of prioritizing passions.

Listen to the episode, forgive the occasional sound issues- mea culpa, I messed something up during recording and spent seven hours fixing it. THAT IS HOW VALUABLE I FELT THIS EPISODE TO BE. It is one of my favorites I've ever recorded.

Resources that Chris suggested:

Mental health resources and/or therapy

Mindful meditation (personally I really like Headspace app!)

"Wake Up" by Chris Barez-Brown

Passion Pod:


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