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Episode 29: Social Media and Eating Disorder Recovery w/ Lisa from The Flourishing Space

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Guys this is SUCH an important episode. Have you or a loved one ever suffered from an eating disorder? Or, really, any mental illness? Lisa and I felt this was such an important topic to cover as we approach the holidays, where pressures and triggers from family and the media may increase. We SO hope this episode can help someone. Even if it doesn’t- we had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot recording it.

Let me introduce Lisa real quick- she is one of the most inspirational, kind, precious people. You know the whole “Canadians are so sweet” stereotype? Y’all, she is why that’s a thing. I feel bad when I am a betch and talk crap about people to her because she is so pure. Anyway- she is a badass, fighting every day to recover from an eating disorder. She has turned that terrifying part of her life into her motivation, learning and growing from it and letting it mold her into a stronger person. Even better- she is helping other people grow from their experiences! WOW!!!

Highly recommend y’all listen to this episode- it is so good. Because it’s an interview type episode, I’m not going to give you a transcript here- frankly that’s more work than I feel like putting in right now LOL

What I AM going to give you here is resources on eating disorder recovery and Lisa’s info, so you can find her and follow her on her recovery journey! Maybe even book her as your recovery coach ;)

Lisa, my sister from another country:


Click to listen on Spotify or Apple!

ED Resources recommended by Lisa herself:

Take the Cake (podcast)

Recovery Warrior Show (podcast)

Well Fed Women (podcast)

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