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Episode 26: Ghost Stories with Alanna and Adam

So these are the stories I found and read to y'all from Reddit, with a link to the original post included. I am not including my own ghosty stories in this post, though. That might be for later. ;)

P.S. on the pod, there were a few minor corrections, changes etc. made just for ease of reading! Like grammar, etc. No content was changed. On this post, I simply copied and pasted from reddit- so any spelling mistakes are NOT mine thank you!

"About few years back, my grandmother passed away. A month after she had passed away we were sitting in the kitchen reminiscing about the days when she was still around. My mum used to call my grandma every night to talk to her about how things are going back at home (we live in Australia, but my grandma was back at home in PNG). If for some reason my mum didn't call her, my grandma would always call at night to make sure she was okay. Long story short, our conversation just evolved into one of those 'what if' kind of conversations. "What if they'd be able to call from the afterlife" It sounds dumb when I type this out now, but we were in a weird headspace at the time. Almost on cue after I said that, my mum's phone stated ringing. "Incoming call from Mum" The contact photo of my grandma was now ringing on screen. We both kind of just froze while staring at the phone. After about 10 seconds my mum answered the call. Nothing but static. Even weirder, is that mum was in possession of my grandma's phone at the time. It was put away in a box that contained a few of my grandma's items at the top of the bookshelf in her room - the phone was dead, no charge whatsoever. The same thing happened an exact year after her death the same day that she died. There were a few smaller things that happened but nothing as concrete as this. Just a weird story I thought I'd share."

"One night when I was around 14 I went down to the kitchen and as I passed by the living room I saw the black silhouette of a man, probably around 6’7” sitting in one of the couches. He was following me with his eyesight while smiling; you couldn’t distinguish much more of his other features apart from those. I obviously freaked out and ran out of there. A few months later my mom came to my room completely terrified saying she had seen someone staring at her when she was coming up the stairs. She started describing the person and it turns out it was the EXACT SAME silhouette I had seen, only this time he was standing. Funny thing is I NEVER told anyone about my experience so you can imagine how I shit myself when I heard my moms account."

"Ok. My spouse and I moved into a new apartment and we got my spouses grandma’s couch. We put a cover over it and placed it in the corner. We invited some friends over for drinks and one guy fell asleep on our couch, with his head slightly titled over. Weeks later, I was walking to my kitchen and I saw an old man in the corner of my eye sitting on the couch with his head titled. I turned my head in shock and it was gone. That weekend a friend came over to hang out. My friend looked over at our couch and shared with me that she felt a dark energy and she saw something sitting on the couch in the corner of her eye. I look at her terrified and I said what does it look like and she said an old man. My spouse walked in the room and said are y’all taking about the old man on the couch. I can’t describe how scary it was to get confirmation from two other people. At the end of the year, we were all at a new years eve party and the guy who fell asleep on the couch months before showed up. After a few drinks we started talking about the old man. The guy who fell asleep on the couch looked at us with a fear and panic in his eyes. He told us that this old man has haunted him in his dreams since his teenage years."

"As a teenager, I used to have to wake myself in the middle of the night semi frequently to check blood sugars. One night, after midnight, as I was walking back to my room, in the hallway mirror, I saw a pair of hands that were not mine reaching for me in the mirror.

It scared the ever living piss out of me and I sprinted to bed as fast as I could. I begged my parents to get rid of the mirror but they insisted I'd grow out of it.

I saw those same hands reaching for me when I was a child and we lived in a different town.

I've seen them several times since, always reaching for me from a mirror. Ive woken up drenched in sweat and terrified at 3 AM a few other times. I close all the bathroom doors so that no mirror is exposed overnight. That seems to be the best defense. I've no idea what would happen if they actually touched me." hi, run away. never look in a mirror again. very Bly Manor/Hill House vibes on this one.

"I'm from Edinburgh and my friend at the time was a total gym/fitness freak and convinced me one day to go to the gym with him. This must have been around about 2008 maybe 2009 so we would have been roughly 15 or 16 at the time. It was in an area called portobello, a wee bit out from the city centre, the place looked like it could have been an old school many years before it was used as a gym. It had the usual things you'd expect in a gym, I remember swimming most of the time as I really had no time for weights etc. Anyways after he'd done what he needed to do we met back up to head to the changing room, we were sat opposite each other just chatting away about plans for the weekend and gigs we had coming up. I had gotten changed and sat down again with my bag by my side, we continued chatting while I was putting my swim shorts in my bag and I heard a massive scream as I looked up in his direction across from me I seen a horrible looking face of woman appear right next to his head and then disappear. I completely shit myself and my friend went completely white in the face, neither of us said a word until we left the building when I asked if he heard the scream too. Not only did he hear the scream he said h e said he felt two hands grab his shoulder tightly, he lifted his shirt and he had two claw like marks on his shoulder, it was absolutely terrifying and it was horrible writing this."

Blog/pod sources:

Reddit (individual links with stories)

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