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#92 and #94 with Liam Fearnley

#92 and #94: Liam Fearnley

My dear friend Liam came to visit, and we sat down and recorded a few episodes. I hope y'all love his insights, his sweetest voice, and the fun we have together!!!

First, in episode 92 we discuss some cultural and political differences between our respective countrymen. Job culture and the Great Resignation, healthcare and mandatory time off- we even talk about the liberal/conservative scale. This episode is all over the place in the best way- if you're interested in living abroad, in understanding other nations' approach to the workplace, or even if you're interested in international politics... this episode is for you. American vs. British- what’s better?

Then, episode 94 is a little conversation where we kind of compare and contrast our experiences growing up as military children in the US and the UK, plus how it has shaped our lives and how we see the world. I loved having this talk with him- and hope y'all enjoy listening. So many good nuggets and soooo many places where that bit of perspective could maybe help someone see things in a new light.

Find Liam:

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