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Ep #60: Business, creativity, family and NO REGRETS with Sam Hwang

y'all this one is GOOD! I am joined by the sweetest, cutest, COOLEST ever instagram influencer and business lady Sam Hwang. She shares with us about her journey to where she is, how important family was to her becoming the successful woman that she is, and how being genuine goes hand in hand with true success. Plus, I confess that I'm a little jealous of her. I'm working on myself ok? She did such a good job of LISTENING to herself and her dreams... man, part of me wishes I had been better at that. If that's something you're struggling with, definitely give this a listen. She's very inspirational.

also apparently I decided my word of the episode was "Cool" because I say it about 50 billion times throughout. SORRY LOL

Sam's suggested resources:

You are a Badass (a favorite)

For Sam:

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