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#78: Beer, Blogs and Football Bowling with Cincy by the Pint

a little BEER HISTORY for some context this episode:

Cincy and northern Kentucky have literally been beer obsessed since their inception; 25 years after the city was settled, in 1812, Davis Embree opened the area’s first commercial brewery on the banks of the Ohio. He was an Englishman, and he made porters and ales that never really picked up in the area- so his brewery closed in 1825. Not long after though, the Germans started moving into the area, specifically Over-the-Rhine to begin with- and theyyyyy really kickstarted the brewing.

The first German-owned brewery opened in 1829 in OTR, and more would quickly follow. But here’s the thing- back in the motherland of Germany, there was a new kind of yeast strain developed in 1830s; it created a crispy mellow beer called LAGER. This caught on real quick, and by 1850 was the favorite beer in Cincinnati.

By the mid 1800s, there were 36 breweries producing more than 30 MILLION GALLONS OF BEER. By 1889, there were 23 breweries in the area, brewing almost 36 million gallons of beer and being exported all over the world. Thus, in 1890, it was called the “Beer Capital of the World”. The Beer Barons of Cincinnati turned your average brewing operations into literal empires; until Prohibition. Of these original breweries, very few reopened after Prohibition, and none of them survived into the 21st century. The longest operating was Hudepohl Brewing Company, which closed in 1999.

Since then, the number of breweries in Cincy and NKY has surpassed the amount of breweries that founded the region- and obviously as we know, the area loves a good craft brewery. But the cool things, it’s not just a trend here- it’s a 200 year old tradition ya know?

the episode:

Merrell and his counterpart the Gnarly Gnome are planning an event that they are endearingly calling “the first Cincinnati beer invitational” - a huuuuuge event for November 20, 2021, centered around "Fowling" and highlighting the area's beer culture. listen to the episode for more on that, and follow the links below.

Buy tickets for Beer, Booze and Bonks! here <3

source for history:

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