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#64: Following YOUR path, ignoring society and playing to your strengths with Cat Chris

There is SO MUCH going on in this episode, in the best way. We talk with Cat Chris- an instagrammer, an OG reseller, and a pro at turning your passions into your livelihood.

SO Cat tells us about her journey, gives us advice for those who want to do it for themselves, and describes how she learned that playing to your strengths is so much more important than trying to push past your "limits". This is especially resounding because her limits were quite literally physical- yet she still found ways to overcome, by learning herself, her body, and what works best for her. What better way to get where you want to be, than by NOT ruining yourself and your life for it?

PLUS!!! Along those lines, we also talk about how unnecessary hustle culture is. Like, do you really need to exhaust yourself and work nonstop? Does that really put you ahead?? Or should you be working SMARTER, with an emphasis on taking care of yourself? Honestly, I don't think life is much good if you don't give yourself the opportunity to enjoy it.

Find Cat:

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