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#34: Conspiracy Theory: Aliens and a Covid Coverup

Y’all I am GEEKED to bring you this conspiracy theory today. Adam has been dying for me to do a conspiracy episode, so here I am. Funny enough, his sister actually gave me the idea for this- she said someone told her this in all seriousness and y’all if you think that did not get my little hamster brain moving you are WRONG!!!

So I had to look this up obviously, because I hadn’t heard this at all until Rachael said it. I’ve heard every other theory about the pandemic, I feel- and honestly I don't think I’m going to even get into shitting on those theories and how they undermine the importance of the lives that have been lost due to this very real disease. Oh, woops.

So anyway. I thought this was kinda psycho at first, and honestly it probably is. BUT it kind of makes sense... Let me explain.

So the idea is essentially that aliens have made contact with earth- but like that’s been a theory for a long long time. But this conspiracy says that governments across the world are using the coronavirus pandemic to cover up for an increase in visits and UFO sightings, because world leaders don’t believe the public can handle aliens being confirmed.

But I mean, at this point- it’s 2020, everything else that can happen has, we might as well just confirm aliens.

So I did some digging. This isn’t a huge, mainstream conspiracy theory obviously, since I hadn’t even heard of it and you probably haven’t either. There’s very limited articles about it, and half of them are essentially fake tabloid articles- y’all I couldn’t even find anything about this on REDDIT even. But with some elbow grease, some perseverance, and google, I think I did an ok job.

Back at the end of April, the Washington Post aired an opinion piece by one of their editorial writers on the newly released UFO videos. She entitled the piece “these UFO videos come at the perfect time”- and dang if she wasn’t right about that. She writes that because of the uncertainty of the coronavirus, who it will infect and kill, how long it will be here, etc- that is the worst kind of uncertainty. We don’t know enough about it to give ourselves any reprieve, but we know too much at this point for it to be a “thrilling mystery”. So the aliens, she argues, would be a welcome distraction, right?

Well, that’s rather where we and big brother disagree.

So these videos in question are footage from the US Navy of three recorded sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena- they had not been shared previously because they were deemed threats to National Security. Interesting.

The Department of Defense said that it released the videos to dispel misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage, which had been circulated unofficially for a while, was real, and whether or not there was more to the footage. And that’s about all they can say on that.

So the conspiracy theorists believe that our governments are keeping this from us because it’s more than just visits- some suggest that an alien invasion is underway, and that the governments have known for years about the existence of aliens. Now, this last part, that governments have always known, that’s not a niche conspiracy. I think most alien believers think that the government knows and isn’t telling us. Hell, Bill Clinton joked about it during his presidency, saying that if the US knows he doesn’t have clearance for it. But also like it’s Bill, he would probably accidentally tell someone.

Anyway, the former Chief of Defense in the UK, Admiral Lord Hill-Norton once said “Governments fear that if they did disclose the facts, people would panic.” and that is the basis of this conspiracy- that the governments are not informing us of an invasion because they fear mass panic. And I mean, that’s not out of the question. Everybody went psycho and hoarded toilet paper because of the coronavirus pandemic. Imagine if aliens were just fucking confirmed? There probably would be some panic, honestly. I think a lot of people would be decently chill, like wow they finally said it. But if they told us there was an INVASION? I’d probably be pretty anxious.

But like, I’m going to reiterate the fact that back in the spring the pentagon released a bunch of UFO footage to the public… so is it that outlandish of a theory? Was that like a test? Was the coronavirus pandemic a test that we failed? We’ve been acting bad for the last nine months so now we have to wait longer to find out about the aliens? Who knows.

What do y’all think? Do you think that the pandemic could have been used to cover up alien invasion?

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