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You cannot fathom how excited I am for this change... but so that you can maybe have an idea, let me walk you through how this happened.

About a year ago, Adam and I went to this little bar in downtown Covington, NKY, to see one of my friends play live. Devin Hale, said friend, is an incredible musician and person- and has ALSO been a guest on the pod. He's a stunning vocalist... good Lord y'all his voice is so good.

Anyway, we're hanging out, the youngest people in this damn bar, and another young guy and girl walk in. I'm like manifesting that they come sit at our table... and eventually they get their drinks and they ask to sit with us. And we hit it off.

The girl, turns out, was also friends with the musician, Devin. Not a shock, he's a baby-faced ladies man. So they lived in Cincy/NKY too, and they had come to watch him play as well. Love that for us. Instant friends right? The girl introduces herself as Kelsey, we follow each other on insta, the whole shebang. The guy introduces himself as Nate.

So we're all chatting, and Adam and Nate are talking. They're doing the typical "so what do you do?" conversation at some point, and Nate tells Adam he has a podcast. Adam is like NO WAY, so does she. So obviously Nate and I get each others' info, follow each others pods, talk shop, yada yada. Nate tells me we should maybe try to collab one day. Massive foreshadowing.

Now, skip forward to July 2022. Nate is in France, but he DMs me to tell me he wants to put me in contact with another podcast to be their guest. This podcast, just so happens, to be a member of the podcast network Nate runs.

The episode goes incredibly and Nate is thrilled. He messages me again on Bastille Day (vive le révolution) to let me know he has a bit of a proposal for me to consider.

A few days later, after thinking and asking questions and getting to know more about the company, I accept. And now, I've Been Thinking is proudly represented by Stove Leg Media.

The process was actually a little scary for me, as I had to switch hosting platforms and do a bunch of things that felt really fcking final, and very much like I was making a change I never expected to make. But wow, the payoff is already worth it.

I am so excited to be able to share this with y'all- because more than anything, it means my hard work has paid off. I'm not Ashley Flowers or Joe Rogan yet, but after two years of hard work, dedication, learning, and consistency, I've made a big step in the direction of growth and expansion. I am so beyond proud of myself.

And, what better time to begin this new chapter on episode #101, airing the week before my 27th birthday? Just a massive week of celebration for me. And for you guys, too, because as the pod grows I will be able to be even better for you, the listeners.

Thank you for allowing me to do this. Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams.

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