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#134: Devotion to Hades, witchcraft, and finding your patron deity with Angelica Cresci

When you were a kid, obsessed with the Greek Pantheon and/or the Percy Jackson series, did you ever wonder what it would be like to have been a devotee of one of those deities? Working with them intimately, speaking with them daily, feeling their presence? Today's guest, Angelica Cresci, is an actual, real life devotee and priestess of Hades. She is a practicing witch. She is a Hellenic astrology and a tarot reader. She is basically a very cool witchy bitch with a lot of incredible experience for us all to learn from. Whether you're interested in finding your way into deity worship, or you're just an average Thinker who's curious about the whole thing- this is the episode for you, friends. I hope you enjoy!

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