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This holiday season, I've decided that I've Been Thinking's patreon support will all go directly to helping deserving charities in impoverished Appalachian communities. First and foremost, we will be supporting the Lend-a-Hand Center's mission to feed needy families in the community I grew up in. This is an incredibly dear mission to my heart, and I am so excited to be able to contribute. A percentage of our pledges will also go towards a food pantry in Garrard Co., KY, that was destroyed by arson. Finally, a percentage will hopefully go towards a library in Unicoi Co. TN; a severely underfunded library in an economically/educationally challenged area. (The latter has recently gone semi-viral, so that percentage of funding may be less just so that the split is a bit more "fair", if you will.)

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting I've Been Thinking, for helping me make my dreams come true- and for helping me help others.

FYI: everyone who joins now through the end of the month will basically be getting *free* content; you will not pay until the first of December! So you get essentially a free membership AND you'll still be supporting families in need. this means: JOIN NOW to get the most bang for your buck AND the most give back !!!

Websites for the donation recipients:

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