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ep 127: sobriety with Nic

(CW: alcoholism, addiction)

We are excited to share this episode with you, Thinkers. One of my artist friends, Nic Seegel, joins us on this episode to discuss his experience with an addiction to alcohol. This is an amazing insight into the mind of a person experiencing alcoholism, what brought him to his breaking point, and how he dug himself out. In true IBT fashion, I do want to remind you- every story is different, so this might be an entirely different experience and journey with addiction and sobriety than what you or someone you know experienced. You also may never have known a person to go through this experience (although it's more likely that you have and didn't know it), so you think it's not for you. But it's for that exact reason that it's important to listen to Nic's story.

Find Nic:


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