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EP #122: Florida Man is Trans?

happy Pride Month, my little Thinkers!!!! For today's episode, we have an awesome discussion with a real life trans Floridian- someone who is living through legislation that directly affects his life. It's not a cheerful welcome to Pride Month, but it is an important and timely topic that I'm grateful to be able to bring you.

before I give you the resources, etc for this episode, I want to say:

I have been falling short on dropping blog posts for every episode, and I genuinely apologize for that. I've also been neglecting the blog in general, and I'm working on bringing it back. Promise.

now! the episode!

My friend Chris McLoone is an openly trans man here in the Florida panhandle, and has agreed to join us today to explain the contents of Senate Bill 254- and how they directly affect him as a trans adult. You see, I think it's very easy to hate someone you never interact with, and I think it's very easy to support legislation that limits a person's freedoms over their own body when you see them as less than human. So Chris is also here today to remind of us his humanity, and to elaborate on specific instances of this anti-trans legislation affecting his actual life. I think it's also very easy to take legislation at "face value", but the truth of the matter is that this bill is not written just for "protecting children", it is limiting the freedoms of adults to make decisions about their own bodies.

So happy Pride, y'all, and don't ever forget that it is first and foremost a rebellion.


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