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#75 SPOOKY DOCUMENTARY: The Haunting on Dice Road

A while back, I posted a poll on instagram and y’all voted for a SPOOKY DOCUMENTARY for this month’s first episode. If you’re new around here, the first episode of every month is either a book or movie review/discussion. So here we are to kick off October- discussing The Haunting on Dice Road: The Hell House.

I looked and looked for a really good documentary that I hadn’t seen yet, because I was hoping for something new for both of us. I’ve watched the Missing 411 docs, the Hunt for the Skinwalker, all of those- and those are GOOD and compelling! I will be honest with you- this one is just an ok. There is definitely compelling testimony, and the footage is… well, listen to the episode and I’ll explain. ;)

Watch the documovie HERE with Amazon Prime (I wish this was sponsored)


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