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#125: Phinley-Kate's Legacy with Jessie Huisken

I'm rarely nervous to record an episode, but for this one I was. This cause, this family, has become very important to me, and I wanted to make sure to do it justice- especially since they're trusting me with something very delicate. In this episode, I bring you Jessie Huisken; mother, children's developmental professional, and superhero. Jessie shares with us the story of her baby girl, Phinley-Kate, a courageous little babe who fought a hard fight against a rare leukemia. Sadly, Phinley succumbed to her disease in the fall of 2022, but her legacy prevails.

Jessie and family have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of other families in similar situations- by writing a book, Phundraising for a research grant, and raising awareness for how underserved children's cancer research actually is. I want you to know, though- this episode is not just for families who are living in the hospital with a chronically ill child. This episode will give you such insight into what this entire experience is like- into the difficulties and pain that you don't even think of, but also into how life can't go on pause, even though it feels like it should. Phinley was the perfect example of that. I hope that her story touches your heart like it has mine, and I hope this episode helps you gain a new understanding of families experiencing the unimaginable.


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