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#124: Asexuality and Self Understanding with Alix

We are rounding out Pride month at IBT with a bang, y'all- today's episode, with my mostly anonymous friend Alix, is a look inside the identity of an asexual, bigender, bisexual human. Alix patiently explains so much to us, doing a job that is not their responsibility- explaining the intimacies of their identity. But thankfully, they have taken the time and energy to do this with me, for you- to make an identity that might seem foreign to some of our listeners more understandable and more human. I hope that this episode maybe makes you think about the different ways a person can identify, and helps humanize the people that you might not understand. I hope this episode enlightens you on what asexuality is and how it can be experienced, as it did me. Overall- I hope this episode makes you think.

Alix's recs:

Reddit- asexuality subreddits such as: r/Asexual or r/AskAsexual

Tumblr- follow the asexual tag

For friends and family:

Be supportive; don't engage in expecting "typical" relationship milestones and support them not following the norm. It can be tough when someone is struggling with mismatches in expectations in a relationship OR not interested in a relationship at all; not expecting anything of your ace friend or family member can be very relieving.

Alix's mic drops:

There doesn't have to be a "reason" for your identity, and it is not necessarily a product of trauma.

"These are labels that are meant to serve YOU...and it shouldn't matter if people understand that or agree with it." LOVE THAT ONE.

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