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#110 !!! Mutual Aid, Activism and the Outskirts of Country with Lou Ridley

This is a beautiful episode- Lou is so fun to talk to and listen to!!!!!!

Musician, activist, tiktoker, incredible person- Lou Ridley is so much more than the many wonderful adjectives that describe her, and this episode will give you a hint of that. Lou joined me for this episode to discuss being an outsider in country music, the importance of activism when you have a platform, the importance of community- just to scratch the surface.

Oh, and I tell Lou that technically she's like, Y'allternative. Which elicits her beautiful, from the heart laughter. She's so stinking funny.

This is a beautiful, deep conversation, and I hope that if you're just hearing of Lou for the first time, you check her music and her TT out. Thanks for listening!!!

Find Lou:

YouTube (more than "just music" btw)

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