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#109: Bullying, Coping and Perspective with children's therapist and author Eliza Scalia

CW: violence, bullying, abuse

On today's episode of IBT, I bring you a thoughtful and poignant discussion on bullying with children's therapist and author Eliza Scalia. Eliza's series of books, aimed at children around middle school age (give or take a few years) is a thoughtful and unique take on bullying in kids lives- and is an awesome resource for those children to learn coping mechanisms, empathy, and possibly change their outlook. She and I discuss our experiences with bullying, as well. I hope that y'all enjoy, that this sparks some thought for you, and that you consider checking out Eliza's books for the kiddos in your lives!

Find Eliza:

Northwest Florida locals can also find her books at Artful Things Niceville!

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