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#104: climate change and women's rights

My friend Dakota and I have a fascinating discussion in this episode about intersectionality, and we hope it challenges how you think about seemingly unrelated issues!

notes from Dakota:

1) DONATE to youth-led feminist organizations doing badass work on climate justice and sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) advocacy. FRIDA is an organization that I really admire -- they do incredible intersectional work. Funding these orgs is so huge. 2) DONATE to abortion clinics. The National Network of Abortion Funds is a great place to give money to because it goes directly to abortion clinics. 3) Here's a short brief by Women and Gender Constituency and the SRHR & Climate Justice Coalition to include. It is a very comprehensive but succinct couple of pages about the inextricable relationship between climate, SRHR and gender justice!! Women and Gender Constituency is one of nine stakeholder groups of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Climate Justice Coalition is a global, multi- stakeholder partnership mobilizing governments, civil society, youth-led organizations, international organizations, philanthropy and the private sector around feminist climate action!

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