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#103: Affordable Full Time Travel with Brooke and Pippa

On this episode of IBT, we hear from Brooke of tiktok/YouTube's Brooke and Pippa (I'm sure Pippa is very nearby, being a good girl) on living a budget nomadic lifestyle.

Episode TW: brief mention of DV related to Gabby Petito.

A few questions that get answered in the episode:

How did this lifestyle begin?

What’s the Pippa (a puppo) situation like living full-time on the road?

How do you afford it?

Tips for staying safe?

Tips for deciding if this is the life for you?

Do you ever get scared?

What’s the weirdest thing to happen because of social media?

I really want to highlight this: Brooke gives us some big safety tips- posting on social on a delay vs in real time, so people can’t find you is one of my FAVORITES. I don’t know if I ever would’ve thought of that?

Find Brooke and Pippa here:

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