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Weekly Wondering 12/28

HI GUYS did y'all have the best Christmas??? I sincerely hope you did.

So this week I'm thinking about family. Why is it that they are often so good at getting under your skin?

Like my grandmother- she tries so hard to make everyone happy, but in reality will choose to make ONE person happy at the expense of everyone else. Like why.

Or one of my uncles. He's insecure in himself so he makes fun of my education. What's the point.

Family is annoying- I get through it with some alcohol, or by gossiping with my mom. Or both. Thankfully this year I don't have be near most of them; one of the best things about covid LOL. I try really hard to behave myself- but sometimes I come away so frustrated still. How do y'all get through the holidays with annoying fam?

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