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Weekly Wondering 12/21

So this week I'm thinking about MACKENZIE SCOTT (formerly, Bezos).

This woman is a BAD BITCH. She divorces Bezos, becomes the richest woman in the world- and immediately pledges to give it all away in her lifetime.

She said she is the holder of a disproportionate amount of wealth, and that with so many others suffering why should she hold it all for herself. Like, why don't more billionaires think that way???

Here's the thing. I believe in capitalism, ok? But not the version we see today. I believe in true capitalism, where workers are paid a living wage, where wealth is not hoarded but is returned to the economy, and where movement is always an option.

The bastardized version of capitalism that we see today is born of greed and is the essence of monopolization. FURTHER, the fact that these companies are widely considered American and are owned by Americans, but are headquartered elsewhere (Apple, for instance, is headquartered in Dublin) so that they don't have to pay American taxes is insane.

The problem here is that billionaire status is impossible to achieve in a single lifetime by working with one's own hands, ok? This is an achievement reached on the backs of others. And that would be fine- if you were paying them well, providing them benefits, and putting money back into the economy/community. But by avoiding taxes, hoarding wealth, and not reinvesting- where do we expect mobility to occur? When do we, average Americans, honestly think that we are going to be able to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, when there isn't any room?

So all of that to say- good on you, Mackenzie. She is donating and reinvesting "thoughtfully and carefully"- and pledges to give it all away until her coffers are dry. We haven't heard any thing like that EVER. I am grateful to be able to witness it.

plus she gets to make her ex look bad HAHA

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