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Weekly Wondering 11/9/20

Ok so this follows last week's post a bit. I've been thinking about this since then.

In college I was an anthropology minor, and I have been madly in love with the study of people since. That's actually why I've made some of the educational decisions I have- my passion for understanding the WHY behind actions.

That's kind of unrelated. Anyway... I say all of this, I suppose, to preface how I've always loved Indiana Jones. Like obsessively. I asked Adam if we could name one of our future children Indiana.

So anyway. Watching the movie made me think- we so GLORIFY adventure in our society. In popular culture. We are obsessed with the idea of riding a horse into a gunfight, of finding buried treasure, of lost cities and shipwrecks and these grandiose things... it really gets the blood pumping, ya know?

This brings me to my question. Why is it that society is obsessed with that... but we refuse to believe in its possibility? Let me explain a little better.

Yes, for sure, the likelihood of being Indiana Jones is rare. But we so often encourage our children to be lawyers, doctors, nurses, engineers- incredible, important jobs!!! - why don't we encourage them to dream so big that Indiana Jones feels attainable????????

My parents made up a song for me when I was little. They sang to me all the time, telling me I could sail the seven seas, I could be president if I please. They encourage me always to do the impossible. And they beam with PRIDE that I have gone abroad and done all these things- even when I tell them stupid things I've done abroad (doing things alone, climbing over rails to get in the pool of a waterfall, going on a date in a foreign country, ya know normal things) they laugh and shake their head because yeah I'm stupid but DAMN if I am not living life!!!

Why don't we encourage that more of our children?

Not always the stupid things I've done (lol) but why don't we encourage them to adventure!!! To live to the fullest! TO EXPERIENCE THE FULLNESS OF LIFE!

And then- when people do decide to live their lives that way- why do we so often treat them as if it's a bad thing?

What is wrong with adventuring? With seeing everything about this world that you can, with never settling down?

My personal hell is being stuck in my hometown for my entire life. Not because my hometown is a bad place- it is a beautiful place that I love dearly. It's because God has created this entire world for us to see, all of these people to meet and places to fall in love with and food to eat and things to learn!!! Why do we not SUPPORT and CELEBRATE people who can't sit in one place? Just because it's not society's normal..

Perhaps I'm a little bitter I have yet to make my living on travelling. I don't know. But I am certainly always annoyed when a family member asks me why do you want to go there? Because I've never been there before and God made it for us to see. Duh.

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