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Weekly Wondering 11/23

So, it's Thanksgiving week. Wild.

Because of Thanksgiving and the various other impending holidays, most notably Christmas, I've been thinking a lot about CONSUMERISM.


Like, Black Friday. We just go out and buy SO MUCH STUFF. WHY. I get wanting a good deal but..............idk I just don't get it.

And I love stuff. Don't think I'm a minimalist being all high and mighty over here. I have so many clothes that I have half the closet, half the dresser, and another whole chest full- plus more that don't have a spot right now. I have art supplies and holiday decorations and books out the wazoo. I have tons of beauty products and hair scarves and gloves. I have more coats than there are days of the week.

So why do I see things and still want them? I have more than I could ever truly need. But I still want new things all the time. Why can't I just be thankful for what I have, and be content with these things???

Plus like... I know the horrible impact this kind of mindset has on the environment, and I actually try to be as mindful as possible of my environmental and economic impacts when I shop. But still- I'm like ah, one pair of socks (horrible example but you get it) won't matter. BITCH THAT ADDS UP!!!! Mother Earth cares about that pair of socks!!!! (She does care more about the major corporations that aren't held accountable for their influence on climate change and pollution tho)

Again- I am still wondering why? Is it this weird primal urge to hoard so that we never go without? Like did our ancestors pass this on to us on accident? Is it because we're all just corvids without wings, looking for shiny things to make ourselves happy? Or, is it maybe a societal thing, exacerbated by social media and commercials and all that jazz? (Probably that honestly, though I like the corvid theory.)

I don't know, I'm just wondering.

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