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Weekly Wondering 11/16/20

So lately I've been super disappointed with the public's attitudes towards a woman in a place of power.

I've been thinking about this since the election especially- like why does everyone have a fcking ATTITUDE about Kamala Harris? If you and she don't agree policy wise- fine. I get that. But whyyyyyyyyy do people have to attack her as a person, saying omg well you know she slept her way there. Another woman told me that, actually, and I asked- do you know that, or is that the narrative you've been fed so as to undermine her credibility? To which they recognized that yeah, that very well could be the issue.

I just think that if my grandmother can recognize THE FIRST FEMALE VP is a huge deal whether you agree with her politics or not, then everyone should be able to at least respect that. But not everyone can be as kind as Granny Bonnie.

It's really disappointing that people are so intimidated (EVEN OTHER WOMEN!!!) by seeing a woman in a place of power that they have to resort to demeaning her to nothing more than a sexual object to make themselves feel better.

Think about that. Think about that when you raise your daughters, when you talk to your nieces or your boyfriend's little sisters- think about that when you raise your SONS, and you place with your nephews or brothers or baby cousins. The way you speak to them will be essential in determining whether they grow up to be bitter, gossipy and judgmental, or kind and respectful.

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