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Weekly Wondering 10/12/20

Why do we constantly like... want things? I have so much stuff. Stuff I don't even use or wear, and I am so on a budget right now. So why can't I just stop wanting more things?

Is this an inherently human thing, where we are all little greedy birds collecting shiny things? Are we no more than corvids decorating our nests???

I honestly don't think this is something that we can fully blame on capitalist socialization, either. To an extent, yes- I mean the constant release of "NEW" seasons and "NEW" models is certainly appealing. And there have always been social pressures to be in style, on trend, etc.- far before Locke wrote about the social contract, far before there was class mobility (not like there's much of that right now either but y'all know what I mean) we have been putting on airs. Trying to always have the best.

I can't figure out what it is. I truly don't think it can completely be blamed on capitalism, though. I think there's a lot of social structures at play that far outlast current trends. What do you think?

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