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SMALL BIZ pre-holiday roundup!!!!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

y'all I am here with a post I've been planning for months: a compilation of my favorite small businesses, most of whom I personally know or are local to KY. I want you to check these shops out and keep them majorly in mind for your holiday shopping !!! plus- some of these incredible owners were so generous as to provide our community with special discounts!!! LOVE THAT FOR US.

Home Goods, Body and Art:

Covington Fragrance is the most awesome hand poured, handmade Kentucky candle company. They were founded in NKY, in Covington, but the business lives in Lexington now. Easily one of my favorite parts about this business is that it began “one drunken night”, and the rest is kinda history. With the onset of the panny, the creator was able to use their experience as a chef to create unique and distinctive scent blends with quality materials. Y’all can use code IVEBEENTHINKING15 for 15% off ANY purchase in their store!

Responsible Products is a small, Cincy owned, incredible business focused on sustainability in the kitchen and restaurants. Have you ever seen plant based, completely-home compostable PLASTIC WRAP or sandwich bags???? Now you have. I highly recommend their products. Wouldn’t work with them if I wasn’t obsessed, honest. Use code ALANNA2643 for 10% off of your order for your home or business.

BloodMoon Goddesses is the store child of our favorite witch, Kasey Carroll (appalachian witchcraft). They have recently opened an online store, so of course it’s being featured here. I will be honest, since the online situation is so new I didn’t ask Kasey for a discount code because I didn’t want to bother her too much lolol social anxiety. Anyway, for anyone interested the shop carries handmade oils, candles, salves and ointments, spirit boards, incense, statues, divination boxes and even herbs and teas. Of course, you can also find crystals and jewelry here, too. We love a one stop witchy shop.

Beauty By Earth is a high quality, natural, reef safe, small skincare business that I am SO excited to be able to work with. You have to go to their website and check out all of their incredible products; once you're there, use code ALANNAGRAYCE12 for 10% off their products. They are so good y'all- my fave is the vitamin c toner!!!

Alanna Grayce's Custom Commissions is my own personal business, where I produce artwork (mostly on commission). If you'd like a special discount on an order (valid on customs and pre-made pieces), just mention this blog post!! Expires Dec 15.

Fashion and Jewelry:

Boujee People is owned by my sweetest friend Cat (she was on the pod back in June!!!) and her BF, and y’all. They have the most incredible designer and name brand deals. Use code ivebeenthinking for 10% off. They’re based in the UK as well, so for my loves over there: THIS IS YOUR SPOT TO SHOP FOR GIFTS. For my US bbs, shipping is worth it. Swear.

LeahLola Atelier has the CUTEST handmade flower inspired jewelry you’ll ever see. She’s based in the UK, so for us in the US her shipping is a bit of a cost- but you will be shook by how cute her products are, and I think you’ll find it worth it. Are you a preppy gal? Or know one? Love a good bright palette? Do you just like cute sh*t? Go check her out- code LEAHLOLAANGEL for 15% off between Nov 1 and Dec 1.

Karat Cake is a Woman-of-Color owned business out of Lexington KY, and I am OBSESSED! she hand makes the most incredible earrings; y'all will love them too. even better: Kara quit her job as a school teacher to pursue jewelry making as her career. how incredible. I love seeing a woman make her dreams come true!!! use code THANK10YOU (an insider secret) for a lil discount ;)

Facing the Sunshine Stationary and Design is a woman owned design, fine and fun art destination. My sorority sister, Ashley, has made this project into the most incredible business and I want all of y’all to check her out. This is where our logo and branding came from!!! for any Nashville peeps- she has the cutest EVER Nash merch. Dolly Parton fan? You’re gonna pee your pants. Use code THINKING10 for 10% off, starting NOW! (you can find cutie custom designed clothing at the link above, jewelry picks AND general fun stuff here)

Mar'd Over is the most incredible Kentucky vintage shop on instagram. The picks are sooooo stinking good, and you can send in custom requests for them to hunt for for you! How cool!?!? They only do US shipping, so I’m sorry to my international cuties. We love a local vintage shop though so I absolutely HAD to feature! Plus, with the mention of this post, they're offering free shipping!!!

White Dog Designs is my personal etsy shop, where you can purchase a fun/funny/freakin cute tshirt or sweatshirt! I have a TON of fun designing these. Plus, this is the only place in the world you can purchase official I’ve Been Thinking MERCH!!! Use code IBTPOD for a whole 20% off anything in the store.

Baby Pink Shop is YET ANOTHER woman owned biz, shoutout to our girl Courtney Hill (dating older ep). Courtney curates the most incredible selection of boutique, on trend clothing and frankly it is *chefs kiss* incredible. Her picks sell out QUICK, so make sure to follow the store’s insta and snatch up anything you want asap rocky so that you get the piece you’re dying for. Y’all can use code BEENTHINKING for 15% off!!! also Court is as obsessed with her kitty as I am with Wynn.

Hope Pendants is also young woman owned- y’all know my big groovy gold flower earrings? Or my snakes that are my favorite things ever? They came from her!!! She is such a sweet human and a talented artist, and Hope has provided us with a little ~coupon~ to present at time of purchase (via insta). With this coupon, y'all get a free charm jewelry gift with purchase (present coupon BEFORE payment) valid from 11/01/21 - 12/05-21.


do you want YOUR small biz featured here, or do you want to work together next time around? email <3 <3 <3

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