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Y'all, can you believe it? ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, I posted the first (two) episodes of I've Been Thinking.

On May 8, 2020, I was scheduled to be walking across the stage at my Masters program graduation ceremony. Because of the panny- s/o rona- I was not. Instead, I had decided to take the opportunity to do something a little different: PODCAST.

Y'all know what? I am SO HAPPY I did.

This has been the most incredible learning experience for me. It has been a consistent challenge, as well as an inspiration. The challenge of finding and writing interesting and factual topics, of understanding my audience, of being genuine to myself and developing my brand... it's wild, y'all. And so much of this journey are things I've been teaching myself! Learning from doing and making the occasional mistake.

I am so thankful, also, for the people I've met thanks to the pod. My friend Lisa, in Canada- I NEVER would have met her! Afsheen, Anna Grace, Venessa, Sam... just to name a few. These are people I've been blessed with the opportunity to have incredible conversations with thanks to IBT.

I sincerely hope this podcast brings you value- that's my number one goal with the pod. I want to encourage y'all to think in new and creative ways, to bring new ideas to your life, to challenge this world and our perceptions of it. I want to think hard, and to grow, and to share that with y'all. It's so FUN for me.

Anyway, long story short... one year. I can't believe it. Thank y'all so, so much. Love you, bye!!!

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