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Nordstrom Sale- Top Picks under $50

Now I'll start by saying- I'm not usually a Nordstrom Sale kinda girl. "I'm not like other girls-" NO, NOT LIKE THAT. I just haven't been in the place financially to shop the sale the past few years. I'm still not LOL.

I also want to say though- don't over consume. The hype around the Nordstrom sale and things like it- they make us want to spend spend spend ya know. plus all those tiktoks and youtube videos that are like "I SPENT $1200 ON SHEIN AND THIS IS WHAT I GOT"- no bueno guys. that kind of unnecessary spending encourages companies who don't pay their workers a living wage or use sustainable fabrics or methods... and that's a major problem for the ENVIORNMENT. shopping for what you need and finding it at a deal is one thing, but over consuming just for the sake of it isn't cool.

So with that in mind- I wanted to share some of my top picks from the sale that won't break the bank, and are hopefully worth it.

- I LOVE A STRAIGHT LEG JEAN RN and these levi's are such a good PRICE!!! they are over $50, SORRY!!! but not much and I think a good pair of Levi's are worth a little investment. these are a steal I'm serious.

- ok. this sports bra is so stinking cute- maybe not a high impact bra for the bigger chested pals of mine, but for someone like me (IBTC) this could be an all inclusive sports bra. PLUS it's just a nice top in general, so like an awesome lounging around the house, brunch after yoga class turns into day drinking and thank-goodness I'm comfy bra.

- I never understood what people meant when they said a fabric was buttery; this is buttery. BEYOND YOGA is now one of my favorite workout brands. this top is rlly sweet and honestly, especially with that color selection, one I would find excuses to wear anywhere lol. these are some of the best workout tops I've ever worn. and let me say it again: BUTTERY.

- color options? love. fit? love. quality? yes. this adidas sweatshirt y'all- get it before you regret not getting it.

- y'all are getting lots of activewear because that's the only thing I wear most days LOL. Free People MOVEMENT has become an absolute favorite of mine, and these shorts are such a good price and so good for lounge or a workout. recommend.

- just the fit and the vibes of this oversized sweatshirt are impeccable. it looks like you asked Princess Diana if you could borrow it from her while you watch the sun set off the Amalfi Coast in the '90s.

- this guy is a splurge at $99, but I included it because it is a classic bag and i luvvvvv Coach. a good price for such a diverse lil cutie bag.

- these are the kind of sunglasses that Adam thinks are stupid but I'm obsessed with. a rlly great price and just FASHIONABLE. like zayum.

- absolutely adorable and classic. such a good earring. you could literally pass these down if you take care of them. (they are gold plated so no showering, ocean or pool.)

- frankly I am obsessed with the floral print on this duffel but more than that- the PRICE! HOLY AVACADOS BATMAN!

- ok ok this carry- on is another slight splurge but I cannot tell y'all enough how important hard-sided luggage is, especially for international travel. we gotta get ready for travel once restrictions are lifted/it's safe!!! plus I'm obsessed with terrazzo.

- I only use 2 brands of self-tanner, and this is one. and this bottle size? insane. I bought one of these THREE YEARS AGO and I still have some left in the bottle??????????? and I'm a psycho self tanner most of the time. I highly recommend.

- if you're a makeup junkie, or you just want to make sure your face doesn't melt off... this is it. cannot recommend these enough.

- last, but certainly not least: outdoor blankets. this one is a smidge of a splurge at about $65, but imagine the watching the sunset with a glass of wine in the wild west vibes? this guy is a much more reasonable price and lighter weight- I'm getting sunrise mimosas on the outer banks as baby sea turtles and dolphins play in the ocean.

Do you love my scenarios or no? Hope ya do because you can't stop me. Ok click on my links ily byeeeee

oh PS: EARLY ACCESS for Nordy Card holders began on July 12. check your status for your specific date. ~public access~ for the rest of us begins on July 28th- 3am ET, so if you wanna be first in line, y'all better camp out. sale ends August 8!

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