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Musing: Why are we so obsessed with fall?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

In honor of September and having just celebrated Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, I wanted to do a quick lil blog post about the obsession with fall. I’ve been thinking about this for a bit- so I figured why not hit it with a bit of research.

But first- I wrote a mildly emotional instagram caption about this the other day;

I have some super complex emotions about it being September.

I love summer. The sunshine, spending time in the water, the nostalgia of summer freedom, of the things big brother and i would get into as kids when they trusted us too much, the opportunities being an unemployed adult with endless time to lay in the sun brings- there’s a lot.

I also have come to really enjoy fall as I’ve grown up. It doesn’t mean the drudgery of going

back to school, like it did as a kid. It doesn’t mean the excitement of going back to Transy, like it used to. I literally walked out the door the other day and the exact temperature that hit my skin skyrocketed my brain back in time to Phi Mu fall recruitment, outside of MFA, in the sunshine. Isn’t that so weird lol.

Fall has come to mean decorating my home with ceramic pumpkins and the scent of vanilla and maple syrup and cinnamon chai, and wearing a light jacket while I take Wynn on a walk.

This transition is also giving me this major feeling of new opportunity, though. There are incredible things coming and i feel so reinvigorated. Things are being presented to Adam and I that we are so excited for. Things are growing and coming to fruition, and so am I!

A huge, massive rant, but I hope this reminds you- it is ok to have complex feelings on a transition between seasons. There’s so much weird pressure, especially on instagram i think, to whole-heartedly love one or the other. But also that’s what we’re pressured to do all the time so I guess I’m not surprised.

Long story short: Nuance is beautiful, don’t be afraid of it. Drink your iced pumpkin coffee while you sit at the pool, wear shorts while you put out your pumpkins, and enjoy the in-between of now.

So like I said, the topic has really been on my mind. Plus there's the whole white girls love fall stereotype that I've just never fit into, so I was genuinely curious if maybe there was something I was missing, or if evolution skipped me somehow- idk, but I wanted to know.

SO OBVIOUSLY I found an article in which Amy Jane Griffiths, Ph.D, N.C.S.P., a licensed psychologist and professor at Chapman University, says that people associate cooler fall weather because of the association with events, traditions and memories that evoke nostalgia. The “comfort and security” of tradition can provide something to look forward to, like seasonal themed treats (We LOVE a theme!), holidays and for some, back to school!

This is especially relevant right now, with the uncertainty and trauma of the panny!! It’s anchoring and comforting.

I mean it makes sense though- cuffing season, ya know? The season when we want to settle in, settle down, get cozy and prepare for the coming months. I wonder if that’s an evolutionary thing, honestly. We want to settle in and prepare for a long winter, the way many of our ancestors did- by securing excess resources, having warm clothes and blankets, and having someone to snuggle with for warmth, ya know?

Actually- I would postulate that it truly might be an evolutionary thing. In 2012, researchers discovered that dropping temps made some people more likely to select films that they associated with "psychological warmth," like romantic comedies- it’s about feelings of closeness.

HOWEVER- those fall haters, which used to include me (i didn’t really hate it but i still don’t wet my pants for it) also might have a true psychological reason for it- the dread of winter months can overwhelm people- the cold, the dreariness. The Seasonal Affective Disorder. People who experience depression, etc. in the winter might dislike the fall for the very reason that it signals the entrance of a change for their mood.

Personally- this is probably my problem. But like I've said, I have a super complicated relationship with fall. I like it a lot a lot, because I like being alive honestly. I like the coziness and hard apple cider and baking Halloween sugar cookies and watching scary movies… but i also love that it brings with it holidays that make me happy and excited, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, because I love to celebrate with my family. I think Halloween is so much fun, and am starting decorating my house today, in fact! I like the cool weather for sweaters and jeans, I love a fall day at Keeneland or a hike in the warm sun. I love it all! But it’s the after Christmas that gets me- that long four months of snowy winter, where you don’t want to be outside but you’re stir crazy sitting in the house. The roads are frozen and you’ve got your grandmother calling you telling you not to go to work even though she doesn’t understand that corporate capitalism waits for no snow! It’s just a lot.

Plus, I always want to wear something cute on VDay and always have to dress warm. I’m OVER IT.

Did I just convince myself to move? Possibly. It wouldn’t take much anyway.

At any rate- THIS is why we are obsessed with fall. Because as soon as it starts getting cooler, we remember it’s snuggle up with some cookies and a friend time- and there’s really not much better than that.


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