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OKOK i know this isn't a fashion blog, but 1) I enjoy fashion a LOT 2) fashion is full of critical thought and 3) the Met Gala is where fashion makes a STATEMENT. so, I give you: MY Met Gala thoughts!


Quannah Chasinghorse in Dundas

I've perished. this is all I've ever needed. "In America, who is American?"

Tessa Thompson in Iris van Herpen

Stunning. Avant Garde. And so VERY high-fashion Americana.

Michaela Coel in Balenciaga

Inspired by denim and the stars on the flag. Stunning.

Cara Delevingne in Christian Dior


The men's briefs! the DENIM cape! who gets to be American? usually men in denim consider themselves the epitome.

Kristen Stewart in Chanel

it's the menswear and 60's Barbie combo for me

Kid Cudi

OK originally I loved this but it wasn't in this section... but then I realized. What's more American (today) than art, street wear, imagery, bright lights. I love.

Ariana DeBose

have you ever seen a more stunning human??? my GAWH she is SHINING. like a disco ball! like freedom! like the women of color before her! She looks like she could be a Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, Donna Summers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in love

Lourdes Leon

Madonna's daughter in a full y2k Madonna moment I mean need I say more

Tyler Mitchell

every single person who said "america? sports!" got it

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Brother Vellies and Aurora James

Jameela Jamil made an incredible point on instagram when she wrote that if AOC didn't make a point to take ACTION on these words, this would be pointless and gross. but she does work very hard towards her goals, so we love this. PS her ticket was free and the dress was donated by an activist designer. PPS do not judge lest ye be judged. PPPS yes it does remind me of Chick Fil A bags a little also lol

Imaan Hammam



Maluma in Versace and Maria Tash jewelry

love the western wear influence

Lorde in Bode

weird but I love it

Anok Yai in Oscar de la Renta

the stars!!! just feels right. also feels old hollywood. stunning.

Grimes in Iris van Herpen

now I'm generally pretty confused by Grimes, BUT i love this look- it was meant to be Dune-esque, futuristic, post-apocolyptic almost. plus she carried a whole ass sword, on loan from the Met, from a collection of swords made from melted down guns. wild.

Cordae Dunston and Naomi Osaka in Louis Vuitton

love the look, very much speaks to Asian influence on American culture and fashion, as well as bringing to mind the racism that Asian ethnicities face in the US and their contributions on a broad scale as well. IT MAKES YOU THINK ABOUT THINGS! LOVE!

Billie Eilish in Oscar de la Renta

she said she was inspired by holiday Barbies and that's all i needed to know

Dan Levy in Loewe

when the question is "who gets to be American" and you, a gay man, show up in THIS with two men kissing embroidered on your chest- you make a point. obsessed.

Leon Bridges in Bode

the western wear!!!

Keke Palmer in Sergio Hudson

inspired by Diana Ross. incredible.


Rihanna in Balenciaga Couture, Maria Tash, Thelma West and BVLGARI jewelry and A$AP Rocky in ERL

first of all, hilarious that they were late. Second, they look incredible but also like they got high, forget they had to be somewhere and said OH SHIT and ran out the door wrapped in the blankets they were snugged up smoking in. but also they look incredible lmfao idk

Normani in Valentino

just straight up stunning

KiKi Layne and Ashton Sanders

Jack Harlow in Tommy Hilfiger

Indya Moore in Saint Laurent

Kate Hudson in Michael Kors Collection

I hate MK but i love this. but it doesn't feel to theme. sad.

Winnie Harlow in Iris van Herpen

love Winnie, love this, but theme!?

Taika Waititi and Rita Ora in Prada and De Beers jewelry

how long have they been together? How did I miss this?

Irina Shayk in Moschino


Madison Beer in One/Of by Patricia Voto

reminds me of my junior year prom dress. for the met? yawn

Megan Thee Stallion in Coach

stunning but... theme

Storm Reid in Prada

might be my favorite look of the night!!!!!!!!!!!


Jennifer Lopez in Ralph Lauren

highly controversial topic....... and I love the Western outlaw vibes... but idk I don't love

Vera Wang in Vera Wang

shocked to say this but I do not vibe

Kehlani in Aliétte

see if this were accurate to the theme I think I would love it. but for this theme, this outfit just feels meh. if it were like future or outer-space themed, absolutely!!!

Lily-Rose Depp in Chanel


Gigi Hadid in Prada

giving Jessica Rabbit but not in an enjoyable way?

Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga

gtfo Kim

Kacey Musgraves in Ralph Lauren

Kacey honey I appreciate the classic Americana of Ralph Lauren but no

Olivia Rodrigo in Saint Laurent

Good 4 U for trying this look, but for me it was 1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back. hope that's not too Brutal. Adam thought this was great, so maybe that will make you Happier. just didn't do it for me lol. also where is the americana!!!!!!! (hope u liked the song references)

Megan Rapinoe in Sergio Hudson I want to like this but I can't. too on the nose? it insists upon itself, as Peter Griffin says.

Addison Rae in Tom Ford

you're stupid, this looks awful, go away

Timothée Chalamet in Haider Ackermann, Rick Owens, and Converse

honey!!! why did you do this!!!!!!! I appreciate the attempt but it did not work out in execution.

Honorable Mentions:

Alicia Keys, Diane Kruger, Hailey Bieber, Sienna Miller, Megan Fox, Chloe and Halley Bailey, Dominic Cooper, Lil Nas, Serena AND Venus Williams, Georgiana Chapman, Carolyn B. Maloney, Bee Carrozzini (color isn't my fave but the style!!!)

hope you enjoyed!!!


all photos are Getty Images

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