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Journal on Manifested Dreams 10/17/21

Y'all, I checked out of writing blogs for a hot second. I'm sorry. I just put a lot of pressure on myself to give you the highest quality content, and it kind of gave me writer's block lol.

Anyway, I am breaking this major block because I really want to share something with you all- something so exciting that I am shaking. I can't reveal the whole situation at the moment, but here's the gist: manifestation and prayer works.

I have spent the last few weeks manifesting, writing in my personal journal every few days, begging people around me to manifest and pray- and here it is. The culmination of all of that energy and good will and precious faith that I have been so sorely hoping for.

But also I realize, that this is something I've been manifesting for years, but not actively. I've been hoping, dreaming of an opportunity like this since I was in high school, at least. Been feeling this PULL so strongly.

It's so crazy, how things will happen in your life an you think omg, this is the end. I can't believe this happened. But sometimes these things are teaching us lessons... that sometimes we don't get as soon as we should have. And sometimes these things provide the space for new beginnings, those ends and beginnings just don't always line up perfectly. So you're left thinking you're in limbo, but really you're in a space for learning. Isn't that kind of part of limbo anyway? IDK I'm not Catholic.

I cannot tell you how much I wish I had valued this past year of being jobless in Cincinnati (sounds like a sleepless in Seattle rip-off) more, and spent more time adventuring and taking in this unique space and time in my life. It was something I was really learning, and I've always been quite independent, but Covid really threw a wrench in there. It made me a little bit of a scaredy homebody. I forgot how much I love making friends, I got scared to go out in public and expose myself or others. Even in spite of the panny, I do think I should have taken more advantage of it, but then, there's a lesson that I've learned. Ya know?

So long story short, as I drink some gin and tonics to celebrate/calm my nerves, I want to leave you guys with two things from this blog: always find a way to enjoy where you're at, no matter where you're at; manifestation, and prayer, is real, and it works.

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