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EXTRA EXTRA: my favorite places to shop for holiday deals

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Shopping for the holidays can be super difficult, especially this year thanks to covid, everybody losing their job, blah blah blah. I truly do try to shop mindfully though, so I wanted to give y'all some advice (?) on sustainable-ish shopping.

Now, I know, I just posted about consumerism on MONDAY. Like that is not lost on me y'all. But if you love giving gifts as much as I do, you'll understand how difficult it is to not fall into that trap.

So here is what I do. As often as I can, I shop small or local. And I know, sometimes you really want that pair of jeans from Madewell. I LOVE A MADEWELL JEAN. I GET IT. or a Free People dress. Or a dang sweater from Macys. But to make up for buying myself those things, I'm trying to be more mindful of how often I purchase and from where, and I also try to purge things I don't wear anymore as I buy. Having a staple "capsule" closet is super important, but I also like having trendy or statement pieces as well. So I GET IT. I just really try not to go insane buying trendy things, or things I won't wear more than a few times. I like things that I know I will wear over and over and over.

I avoid shopping from places that are cheap, honestly. And I know that's a privilege; I've not shopped at F21 OR HM in years, and it's because I'm being mindful of cheeeeap fast fashion. I do still shop at Urban sometimes, I admit, but I limit that to sales, if it helps. Urban has some good quality items, though, and if you shop around there you will get stuff that will last you far better than some of the other fast fashion stores.

Finally, don't forget about your local bookstores, Goodwill, antique mall, or even Ebay and Etsy vintage shops. You will be shocked what you can find, for yourself and others!!!


Ok I want to give y'all some of my FAVORITE options for small and vintage shopping!!!

In KY:

-Lexington Peddlers Mall: they have SO MUCH STUFF and so many great deals. You can spend three hours in there easily. I am pretty sure I either had a rat or a ghost run out in front of me there last week though, and also you might fall through the floor upstairs, but frankly it's worth it.

-Florence Antique Mall: tons of stuff here, but not as big as Lexington's. Prices are generally pretty good, and if you come with something specific in mind you may or may not find it- but if you come with an open mind, you'll almost assuredly take something home. I do get more haunted object vibes here than in Lexington, fyi.

-Denizen: I haven't been to this shop in person, but I am absolutely DYING over their online selection. r u KITTEN ME??????? plants! candles! the Christmas decor is to DIE for! UGH!!! These ladies have locations in Elizabethtown, KY and Nashville, TN, so you have options. Plus, like I said, online store is <3

-Street Scene Vintage: this is easily one of my favorite vintage shops in Lex. They have sooooo much awesome stuff always, like I don't think I've ever left without something. There's local representation, funny stuff, tons of vintage of course- their vintage scarf collection is killer, and the jewelry is always good. I've found so many cool things there. Highly recommend. Website is if you wanna check out their online listings!

-Wearhouse: another one of my favorite vintage shops in Lex, these girls have the most awesome curated selection of clothes, homewares and furniture even. The clothes are to die for though- I snagged the most incredible pair of like vintage Levi's mom shorts there back in the summer. PLUS it's local and woman owned, and they are just the nicest, coolest girls. Shop their insta @wearhouseky

-The Domestic: ok ONE MORE Lexington, locally owned vintage shop. such sweet people and AWESOME home goods- they have tons of different vendors that occupy their space, but it's all one cohesive, curated situation- a very high end vintage shopping experience, but with super reasonable prices. Shop their insta @thedomestic

-Lillian June: I have to shoutout my favorite hometown boutique. This is my bestfriend's mom's store, and listen, Marcia has incredible taste. If you're a preppy Southern girl like my bff Callie, then this is your one stop shop. If you're a free-spirited hippy like me, they still have you covered with some awesome options. Plus if you're looking for gifts or clothes for little ones- y'all, this is THE PLACE. Their website is or check out their insta, @lillianjunebarbourville

-Pugalicious Pet Treats: these are literally the only treats Wynn eats anymore. They're essentially small batch, natural dog treats hand made by a family in Ohio (rlly close to KY). They are soooooo good (I mean I assume) and good for the pooch. Wynn highly approves. their insta is @pugaliciouspettreats and their site is !!!


-Facing the Sunshine: "shopalilsunshine" on etsy, this store is THE CUTEST. Christmas cards, custom pieces, acrylic pins, ornaments, wedding suites!!! The list goes on. Nashville based and woman owned, this is literally the place to shop. Oh, plus she did our I've Been Thinking logos. And she's my sorority sister. Run, don't walk to the site: and follow at @facingthesunshine on insta

-Her Figure Candles: the owner, Zoe, is literally the sweetest human. She makes the most beautiful soy wax figure candles in absolutely incredible colors. She's taking a lil break at the moment, but I still had to shout my girl out <3

-AnnaCarrieDesigns: this is where I got those CUTIE snoopy Christmas face masks, and literally for the best price. Her site is and she has SO many options!

-AlterationsEva: this is where I got that awesome fall Snoopy face mask. TONS of options, though, and really great quality!!! Buying a mask as a gift is NOT a bad idea. Site is: :)

-GemsInVogue: this is where I got those cutie lil earrings that I wear in my second ear piercing always- A on one ear, and G on the other. I am a STICKLER for high quality jewelry, y'all, like I pay good money because I want good stuff. Those earrings were worth every penny, especially since I haven't worn another second earring in a year. Check her out at !!

sustainable businesses and *bigger* small shops:

-SKATIE: BITCH THIS IS THE ONLY SWIM I WEAR. made from recycled fabric, sustainable, the swim is manufactured in LA by employees that the owner, Katie, literally has personal relationships with and features on the company social media sometimes. Like this is a down to earth small business, but also Kourtney Kardashian wears it. definitely go to the site,

Girlfriend Apparel: this company literally turns plastic bottles into the cutest workout gear. y'all, I die. Their fabrics are made in their own facility from trashed plastic, and then the garments are sewn together in a facility that promises no forced or child labor and living wages. and their stuff is so cute??? OH and the models are representative of many different colors, shapes and styles. here's the site:

neu apparel: this is a UK brand that strives for sustainability with their workout and lounge wear, anddddd the whole month of November they're donating to ensure that women's menstrual needs are being met. They promise plastic free packaging, sustainable values and ethical working conditions! LOVE!

-Pela Case: these are the best phone cases. cute colors, sustainable, like the cases are literally compostable. insane. I'm obsessed.

I really hope y'all enjoy these store recs and sustainable-ish ideas. It's all about balance, and doing the best we can!!! <3 love you, happy Thanksgiving!

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