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Ok, y'all, I know this isn't a lifestyle blog. But it kind of is, because learning is a lifestyle if you think about it...

Anyway, I've compiled the links for y'all for my favorite holiday outfits this year. I know we aren't (or shouldn't be) going out and doing stuff, but we're doing a small little thing with my parents, Adam, and my uncle and cousins who live next door to my parents. But... I still like to look good. Gotta maintain my status as cutest.


- so my mom, cousin and I are all wearing THESE pj bottoms from Target; soooo cute, so comfy, we can personalize them with like whatever top we want, annnnnd we got Blackwatch plaid, which is my family's tartan. Very important to us and our heritage!!!

- I got THESE pj sets for my dad and Adam. we force them to match. it is so fun for my mom and I.


- these incredible FLARES in white are definitely going to be my comfy cute Christmas go-to. We love a winter white.

- THIS cashmere sweater; there is literally NOTHING so comfy, plus it is BEAUTIFUL. great for a small fam situation AND it will photograph well.

- specifically, THESE black jeans. that's all. dress them up, dress them down, yolo

- a nice casual HENLEY to chill with the fam.


- ok so the cardi I wear around the house all the time isn't available anymore but I linked something vvvv similar HERE, it's super cute with just about anything

- one of my fave pairs of LEGGINGS, so comfy and always good to have a simple pair of these to throw on!!!

- I found a really cool Santa Snoopy t-shirt at Goodwill this fall, but HERE is a super cute Christmas Peanuts shirt in case you can't make it to the thrift store

Christmas Day hot tub time:

- I am sooooo lit to wear THIS new suit I got from the Skatie black friday sale !!!

if we were going out for NYE:

- this is it. THE DRESS. happy new year bye

guys, let me know if you liked this lil outfit inspo situation- I'll keep putting these together for ya if you vibe !!!

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