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8/8/21 Journal and Manifestation

I’ve been thinking about more ways to share myself and my thoughts that feel genuine to the brand- and, after all, this brand is built around who I am, so that has required some thinking and some decisions. One of my decisions has been that I will refer to the OG blogger girls, the Indy Blue’s and Lauryn Evarts’ and all of the in between; I will start sharing diary entries with y’all. That’s how you build a community after all- getting to know each other. And i cannot expect people to join me in a community without letting them know exactly who i am… and I just don’t feel like the pod itself is an accurate depiction of everything I am, ya know?

So, today’s post is obviously setting this new phase up and into motion… but, I also have to give you an explanation, because this is going to take a lil twist, ok?

It’s some woo woo shit, just be aware. But i vibe with the woo woo so here we are. Today, august 8 2021, is supposed to be the best day of the year 2021 to manifest your dreams. I’m getting into manifestation, ok, and I believe in its power- see episode # 50 with Anna Grace Newell for rlllllly good stuff. Today is a Leo new moon, which is referring to the phase of both the moon and the space the sun is occupying in its orbit (which is where zodiac signs came from fyi). Even better, though, the Lion’s Gate portal is thought to reach its peak on August 8; this is the time during which the star Sirius (the brightest blue star in the sky and one with significant astronomical significance across cultures) becomes visible in the sky. PLUS, in numerology 88 is a powerful number, representing change/transformation. The new moon is just a plus in all of this, because new moons are typically seen as opportunities for newness and change, providing energy for that.

THUS, a lot of astrologers and astrology buffs are pretty lit today, with it being a cool experience as well as a powerful day for harnessing energy and manifesting your dreams.

To commemorate this date AND the beginning of our new journey where I share journal entries with you, I’m sharing with you a manifestation technique that is pretty commonly used but that I’ve had trouble adapting to. What follows here is a manifestation journal, written from future me, telling you what I’m doing on this very day one year from now.

Journal- 8/8/22

What a busy day I’ve had. Woke up with Wynn snuggles as always, and we spent a few minutes enjoying the peace of the morning before rolling out of the bed. Took my time eating breakfast and drinking coffee- Adam made that homemade brown sugar syrup again this weekend, and it is just so frickin good. Pup and I took a little walk before it got too warm- this August has been a little muggy but thankfully it wasn’t too bad. Got back and spent the morning focusing on painting- I’m so thankful I started prioritizing that part of my dreams, because it has been so fun and so worth it. I picked up lunch from my favorite sushi place because honestly we need to go to the grocery… Wynn rode with me as always. This afternoon was spent writing and recording for the podcast- it never ends ya know? You think you’re all caught up and even ahead- AND THEN you procrastinate editing for weeks and suddenly you gotta play catch for a day or two. I’ll learn one day. I’m so grateful for the growth i’ve experienced though- a year ago today i was struggling with hopelessness, and today here we are. I’m finally working for myself, my art and my projects are being appreciated, and my dreams are coming true. Who knew?

Adam and I played tennis tonight before eating a late dinner- we watched a movie and ate pasta and ugh, so good. Why are sundried tomatoes so good for real? And I got some of that strawberry coconut ice cream I like from TJ’s. man.

Sleepy now and prob be up much longer with this full belly and warm puppy snuggs. A full circle day kinda. and I wouldn’t change it. This is what I’ve been working towards. I’ve finally done it.

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