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Weekly Wondering 10/26/20

Ok y'all I'm finally getting in the groove with these. You can expect these every MONDAY!

Now this week, I've been thinking a lot about the social repercussions of revolution. Random, you say! Well, a bit. But with the election upcoming and unrest on a global scale, I feel it is somewhat timely.

Anyway, those that know me well (you all will, soon) know that I am a history buff. Like I always have been. Love that shit. One of my favorite time periods is pre-revolutionary France, because I believe that the French Revolution was avoidable. More on that another day.

So I was thinking on the French Revolution, and that made me think about how France today is rather socially liberal. Like, it has been for a while.

And that made me think about the American Revolution, and America's social conservatism. Now, certainly some of that has to do with the high numbers of immigrants to the New World seeking to escape religious persecution, many of them for their more conservative views. America, of course, was led into and through revolution by men and faith as well as men who forsook religion in exchange for more agnostic philosophies.

France, on the other hand, was spurred into revolution by many thinkers who denounced religion for many reasons, but certainly its association with the ruling class was one.

Could this difference be the critical point in defining which direction these nations would develop? I'm unsure, but I think it's very interesting...

Oh, and don't forget to vote.

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