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#42: IDENTITY AND BELONGING with Afsheen Misaghi

Have you ever been made to feel as if you don't belong somewhere that you KNOW you do? Then this episode is for you. Listen to me chat with my pal Afsheen, an Appalachian director/artist/actor, on his experiences with questioning identity and whether or not he belongs in the place of his birth. AKA, West Virginia. Who ever heard of a Pakistani/Iranian West Virginian, right? Well that's the damn point of this episode- Appalachia is not as stereotypical as you think it is. It's far more diverse than the media would lead you to believe- which is what we are trying to show you.

As a little extra, towards the end of this ep we touch on intersectionality of race and sexuality, as we briefly discuss Afsheen's experiences with the Appalachian LGBTQ+ community (especially in relationship to the series he wrote for Amazon Prime)! We are both straight, cis, etc. lol, but his insights from working with LGBTQ+ Appalachians are really awesome. Plus they open the door for future possibilities on the pod hehe

But like pause for a sec- I feel like the fact that he has a literal series doesn't get enough attention. Dude has a limited series ON AMAZON PRIME. That is so dope!?

Awesome stuff here. Plus he makes tons of fun of me. Highly recommend.


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