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#112: Goal setting tips and tricks

Seven steps to setting a goal:

  1. Evaluate the situation. what worked before? what didn't?

  2. Make it SMARTER: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound, evaluative, revisable. (I only agree with a few of these; listen to the pod ep for more on that!)

  3. Write it down. Writing goals down makes them intentional.

  4. Break it down. Make your goals small and manageable.

  5. Accountability. Maintain focus and discipline through the process of achieving your goals.

  6. Reward yourself. TREAT YOSELF! Reinforce your hard work.

  7. Create systems and habits to make it easier to continue accomplishing your goals.

Goal setting in the NOW:

  • Someday goal: what's the thing I want to do SOMEDAY?

  • Five-year goal: based on my someday goal, what can I do in the next five years to achieve it?

  • One-year goal: based on my five year goal, what's the one thing I can do this year?

  • Monthly goal: based on my one year goal, what can I do this month?

  • Weekly goal: based on my monthly goal, what's the one thing I can do this week?

  • Daily goal: based on my weekly goal, what can I do today?

  • Right now: based on my daily goal, what can I do RIGHT NOW!?

I genuinely think this is an amazing way to break your goals down and connect your "present priority" and "future purpose".

Additional tips for goal setting:

  • Reflect on the past year- what worked, where you can do better, how you can grow, and how proud you should be of the success you've made!

  • Let things go, physically and emotionally. declutter, forgive, let yourself feel feelings. Whatever you need!

  • Define who you are: pretty simple. Who are you as a person? How does your personality, your ethics, and the ways you've grown this year change how you should goal set?

  • Allow fear in- fear can build your confidence, as well as clarifying for you what you don't want in life. Knowing who or what you DON'T want to be can guide you as much as knowing who you do want to be.

  • Find your reason for being- your ikigai, your telos. Your purpose.

  • Break down your goals- smaller, achievable, steps towards meeting your final goal.

  • Use a planner, make lists, and create a vision board- give yourself tangible reminders of your goals. For me, this makes them stay in my consciousness and makes me more likely to work towards them.

  • Make a bucket list- of just for fun goals to achieve in the new year. New restaurants, learning a new language, buying a dream bag, going on a date, taking a painting class! So many fun options!

I hope this episode and this blog post helps you with your goal setting for the new year!!!

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